What is 'The Poison Thicket'? In 2017 when Scarlet began building the concept for her pop-up craft store, she was very inspired by the plants of the Poison Path, particularly Datura and other Nightshades like Brugmansia and Henbane. Later she grew an appreciation for other plants like Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, and the more gentle Artemisias famous for their lucid dreaming or 'flying' qualities long sought after by spiritual and trance practitioners. For these are the classical 'witching herbs' of antiquity well known for their mind-altering properties used to brew flying oils and ointments which witches of old used to travel in dreams to other realms where they might feast or frolic or serve their spectral benefactors, allies, or masters in various ways. 

This idea birthed the concept of The Poison Thicket: a verdant place within dreams and stories, a place that exists in the realms from where we draw inspiration and power, a place that holds the secrets we must learn in order to cross the hedge and face what lies beyond. And so, The Poison Thicket is Scarlet Loring's expression of that idea through mixed media artistry and authentically practiced craft.

You can find Scarlet's products for sale at a number of retail shops throughout New England, or shop with Scarlet in person at a number of pop-up markets and festivals throughout the East-Coast US. Check the Event Calendar page for details on all upcoming events and workshops. 

You can find a variety of virtual offerings including video classes, PDFs of written works, fonts, clip art, tattoo licensing and images, and other digital works available for sale at The Poison Thicket on Big Cartel: