"The Door Without a Key is the Door of Dreams; it is the door by which the sensitive escape into insanity when life is too hard for them, and artists use it as a window in a watch-tower. Psychologists call it a psychological mechanism; magicians call it magic, and the man in the street calls it illusion or charlatanry according to taste. It does not matter to me what it is called, for it is effectual." ~ Dion Fortune


Scarlet's journey into the stranger parts of esoteric creativity really began early with her grandparents folk Catholicism and her maternal grandmother's artwork and storytelling. Scarlet's grandmother was a ceramics instructor and folk artist from Australia living in the Adirondacks. Scarlet spent a lot of time with her grandmother sharing family stories and fairytales, being taught to knit, crochet, make jewelry, and paint, and also learning a few of her grandfather's strange and special 'tricks'.


Today as a result of this early influence, Scarlet  is an artist and storyteller, using digital collage to create graphic illustrations and devotional images inspired by folklore, fairytales, poisonous plants, and the spiritual ideas and metaphysics behind Fayerie Traditionalism.

Scarlet also creates ritual artwork, specialized tools, and altar decor, particularly keeping with the methods and aesthetics of Fayeriesm as taught by author Robin Artisson. Artwork created by hand is crafted using techniques like hand screen printing, glass etching, wood burning, painting, and other forms of artistic expression.

In addition to her artistic work, Scarlet Loring is also an established practitioner of the Poison Path with over a decade of experience growing Datura and other Nightshades, and crafting flying oils and other trance induction mediums. Her herbal offerings also include less baneful brews, such as offertory kyphi, candles, wax mawkins, and enchanted natural skincare.   


Scarlet has been formally trained in digital art, graphic, and web design and worked as a freelance artist and illustrator creating her works in various digital editing programs like Photoshop, and Canva and has developed a digital collage style that incorporates photo manipulation, collage layering, and line art or watercolor aesthetics that can be seen below. Works below include portraits, illustrations, line art, and tarot carts. 


Midjourney AI is a groundbreaking image creation tool powered by Artificial Intelligence which creates images based on users texts prompts and offers numerous variations for curation and upscaling. Below is a gallery of images I have created using Midjourney AI either on it's own, or paired with other graphic art styles, techniques and tools.


Traditional silk screen screenprinting is an ancient form of printing an image onto a piece of cloth, paper, wood, or glass using special inks and stencils. Scarlet's esoteric altar cloths and blankets have all been specially designed and crafted with inks blended with flying oils and other working oils for added potency in workings.


All etched glass items are created individually using individually cut stencils and acid etching compounds. Etched items are heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Designs will not fade or rub away. Woodburned items are all created from one of a kind designs etched with a wood burning pen.


Handcrafted candles made by Scarlet Loring are all created with 100% Organic Beeswax, and contain only non toxic colors and scents. Dressed candles are crafted with woodwicks and specially prepared herbs and oils including flying oils for ritual use. Cat skull candles are all life sized, created with a mold made from a real cat skull.  Metallic colors featured are hand painted mica pigments.


All flying products such as incenses, oils, and smoking blends contain poisonous flowers grown or wildcrafted at home by Scarlet and are created in small batches using trusted methods. Powders, oils, incenses, and other ritual apothecary items are all created ritually using Scarlet's original recipes and ones inspired from antiquity.