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“The world is holy. Nature is holy. The body is holy. Sexuality is holy. The imagination is holy. Divinity is immanent in nature; it is within you as well as without. Most spiritual paths ultimately lead people to the understanding of their own connection to the divine. While human beings are often cut off from experiencing the deep and ever-present connection between themselves and the universe, that connection can often be regained through ceremony and community. The energy you put out into the world comes back.” -Margot Adler


The Circle of the White Stag, a spiritual alternative culture and society for the preservation, study, and sharing of the Ancient Fayerie Faith, and the pathways to the deep spiritual-ecological relationships that it mediates to our world. 

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Robin Artisson is an author, artist, folklorist, and spiritual ecologist. He is the founder of Cylgh An Carow Gywn, Covenant Desavoyk, and the author of a number of influential books on paganism, folklore, spiritual ecology, and pre-modern sorcery. Robin is one of Scarlet's close friends and allies, and he is a mentor to her work and spiritual studies. His work comes highly recommended as crucial reading for all spiritual practitioners with an interest in the occult.

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New Class Offerings!

October 24th, 2022 Robin Artisson teaches his first course on witchcraft. "Upon The Rood-Day" is a comprehensive 16 week course focusing on "'The Witchcraft of Christsonday and the Queen of Elphen" as expressed  from the confessions of the historical Scottish witches Andro Man and Marion Grant.

Upon The Rood-Day: The Witchcraft of Christonday and the Queen of Elphen at The Blackthorne School


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High Quality , handmade, & custom fashion for discerning sorcerous and other strange folk. 


Dwarven Hook  is the iconic slow-fashion house for both casual as well as ritual wear and accessories that is owned and operated by self-taught fiber artist Artio de Kloka. This one woman power house creates every item herself from high grade cotton and other materials, provides quick, quality customer service, and ships items quickly directly from her home studio. Supporting fellow artists in her community is something important to Artio, so you can be assured that her thoughtfully curated selection of patterns have all been purchased from other small fiber artists.


In addition to her crochet mastery, Artio is also an accomplished sorceress, and a Ring Woman of the Cylgh An Carow Gwyn Dywenys Ring.

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*Photos property of Artio de Kloka/Dwarven Hook.